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Training for QuickBooks & Small Business Accounting

If you need basic or advanced accounting training in order to successfully complete job responsibilities, our local Reno QuickBooks expert can help. Lynn MacDonald is a highly skilled trainer and educator that can simplify your understanding of complex accounting and software issues.

Types of Training for Quickbooks

Our instructor is passionate about teaching others to master QuickBooks and thrive in business and provides flexible training options to meet your needs. With Lynn, you will gain an understanding of what your numbers mean and how to use them to improve business performance. QBExpress highly recommends you schedule QuickBooks Online training with Lynn; it may be the best investment you make all year regarding moving your business forward.

Available Courses

Our Reno QuickBooks ProAdvisor provides a user friendly, detailed workbook, structured to help you succeed when you get back to the office. Lynn’s courses will teach you how to access and use data in QuickBooks Online to analyze the current financial condition of your company and establish action steps for improvement. In addition, Lynn lives in your area and is available for follow-up support.

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Introduction to QuickBooks® Online

Learn to move around in QuickBooks® Online Software, correctly configure the software and chart of accounts, prepare company data for import, set-up users, master the Easy Step Overview, manage notes, to do lists, custom fields, etc.

We also cover how to process accounts receivable and payable, establish vendor and checking preferences, enter bills, pay bills, memorize bills and far more.

Advanced QuickBooks® Online Training

Learn to effectively use QuickBooks® Software to manage Payroll items and streamline the Payroll process to save you time and money. Learn to create and memorize custom reports, batch reports, filter data, you name it!

We also cover items, inventory and more. Let us know what you are hoping to learn and we will make sure we have your needs covered!!!

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Available Dates

Custom Private Group Quickbooks Training

Whether you’re introducing QuickBooks Online to your employees for the first time or seeking to enhance their existing skills, personalized group training ensures that everyone receives the knowledge and expertise they need to effectively utilize the software.

The primary advantage of custom private group training is its flexibility. Unlike generic online tutorials or standard classroom courses, custom training allows you to focus on the features and functionalities most relevant to your business. This targeted approach ensures that your team learns how to navigate QuickBooks Online efficiently and apply its tools to streamline your company’s financial processes.

Private Group Training Benefits

Furthermore, custom training enables you to schedule sessions at times that are convenient for your team, minimizing disruption to daily operations. Whether you prefer in- person training at your office or virtual sessions conducted remotely, you have the flexibility to choose the format that best suits your needs.

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