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“I have worked with Lynn MacDonald in 3 different businesses over 19 years. Two of the businesses were 501 c 6 and the 3rd, a 501 c 3 charity. I keep hiring her because she is so good at what she does. Presently, she has been with us for the past 4 years and works remotely, which works just fine for us. She does our P & Ls and Cash Position reports for our monthly Board meetings, accounts payable and receivable, and reporting and budgeting for our federal/state grant. She works with our auditor (who does a required annual audit and our 990s) when necessary and our office manager as well. She is dependable, on time, patient with explanations and a good listener when she and I have to figure out a challenge about something. I know our organization best, but she knows everything “numbers best”! Together, we are a formidable team. I whole heartedly recommend Lynn for any of your accounting needs.”

– Nonprofit Executive Director

“Excellent service, very helpful “We had no idea how to do payroll and accounting before working with Lynn. She set up the payroll and accounting system for our small business from the very beginning. While teaching us how to use it. The systems she uses and tools she has made it so easy to learn and use yourself. She is always quick to respond if we ever have a question. Been working with her ever since. Highly recommend!”

– Real Estate Professional

“I have used Lynn MacDonald and MacDonald Accounting Services for several years for my business. The service is excellent, reliable, trustworthy and timely. I highly recommend this company.”

– E-Business Owner

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