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One-on-One Financial Coaching

For Individuals and Businesses

Even the best business owner may find himself neglecting his personal, household finances. So many are in debt and making only minimum monthly payments to credit cards, student loans, and car loans.

How can financial coaching help you?  A financial coach can help you walk through challenges, emergencies and goals by assessing your situation and offering you objective guidance toward building your financial plan or budget.  The types of situations we help with include:

  • Getting out of debt

  • Creating your household budget

  • Working with collectors

  • Reviewing the basics of a strong financial foundation (including insurance and wills)

  • Planning for children’s college

  • Making a plan to save for retirement

Financial Coaching and help with life stages

How Financial Coaching can help you & your family

Do you ever have trouble making ends meet?  Are you overwhelmed with monthly bills or collection calls?  Are you trying to save for your children’s college?  Would you like to stop renting and own your own home?  Are you having a financial crisis? Do you want to do a better job providing for your family?

Sometimes we all need help with our finances, either personal or business.  Financial coaching may be a step in the right direction.  As a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, I can tailor a program to meet you specific needs and goals.

Meeting Your Monthly Bills – Eliminate Debt – Build a Working Budget

Probably the most common financial challenge is paying all your bills.  Perhaps you have multiple credit cards, car loans and other borrowings and even the minimum payments are just too much for your paycheck to handle.  What if you could actually get out of debt?  What would that do for your stress level and your family?  Believe it or not, getting out of debt IS possible; you just need a plan (called a budget), time, and the desire to do it.


Another common challenge in our daily lives is the financial emergencies that seem to hit us just when we least expect them.  They might be medical issues that require large co-payments and deductibles; perhaps a failing water heater or home appliance; sometimes a loved one needs help; the list goes on and on.  How in the world can you manage the emergencies in daily life when you are struggling paycheck to paycheck, often because of debt?  Everyone should have an emergency fund of 3 to 6 months of expenses set aside — you’ll sleep better and be prepared when the emergency comes, as they always do come.   An important part of your financial plan is dealing with those emergencies.

Establish a Plan for Retirement – College – Saving for a Dream

Beyond making our monthly bills and covering emergencies, most of us have dreams — these could be retiring with dignity, a destination vacation, owning a special car, or putting our children through college, or establishing a foundation to give to a cherished charity.  Financial coaching can help you make your dreams happen.

We do not sell any financial products, ever.  What we offer is informed guidance, coaching, and hope.

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